As part of the second annual International Space Apps Challenge, Salva O'Renick + Ingenology brought together some of the brightest designers, web developers and content creators from some of Kansas City's most influential businesses and organizations to work on challenges supplied by NASA. With access to Mars weather data from the Curiosity rover, the Kansas City team developed the {MAAS} API to put that data in a more developer-friendly format. From there, we created a unique design experience for both iPhone and iPad, earning acclaim from everyone from NASA and the White House, to popular tech publications.



hours to complete NASA's challenge of creating a working way to visualize Mars weather data.


versions of the iOS app, allowing for different experiences on iPhone and iPad.

Sol was awarded one of five global awards, taking first place for best use of data by making space data accessible and leveraging it for a unique application. And the app's {MAAS} API was honored as an example of the White House's 21st century digital initiative.

An Out Of This World Interface

The team solved the challenge of visualizing weather data from Mars by creating Sol, an app that highlights the temperature on Mars and your current location. The result was a striking design that was both visually appealing and presented weather data in an easy-to-use manner.