A interactive platform that allows user to interat and check various temperatures across Earth and worldwide, increase user experience and knowledge.

Why choose us

Sol is one of the best invention and interaction platform as well as temperature records that any one could think of in the space. It uses big data and analyse different data and shows result to the world.


Fast and reliable data

Share with friends

Easy communicated with friends and familty

Tracking & progress

Able to track different data and process everything


One of the innovation that allows user to learn and have fun as well.

Temperature that you love

Able to analyze personal preference and temperature.

Personalized data

Able to analyze the come out with personalized data


Track your progress with SOL

The group addressed the test of picturing climate information from outside Earth and able to analyze different data and information. Thus, this outcome was a striking plan that was both outwardly engaging and introduced climate information in a simple to-utilize way.